IMAGINE 2019: Parenting With Courage

Parenting is a journey that challenges us at every step yet it also gives us an opportunity to grow up and become more aware and sensitive human beings. In the present age, parenting has acquired more complexity because of rapid changes in our society due to digital media, changes in our family structures, pressure to succeed and dwindling sense of community. Thus, though each parent’s journey is unique, many parents feel marginalized as they do not conform to the clichéd stereotypes set by society.

Parenting with Courage goes the extra mile to define parenting as not confined to the silos of our individual homes but with a ‘call to action’ for our society to see all children as needing our collective responsibility, especially children who are on the streets or from underserved backgrounds, in institutionalized homes or part of juvenile programmes.

Therefore, the three main objectives of Parenting with Courage are:

  1. Advocacy for diversity and multiplicity.
  2. Taking a collective responsibility for all children in our society.
  3. Commitment to taking action.

Courage to Connect
Celebrating Neurodiversity

Courage to Connect
Weaving Stories of Courage

Courage to Connect
Let’s Commit

Who is it for?

IMAGINE is more than an annual event; it is a movement for our children. It is for parents, teachers, psychologists, counsellors, therapists, medical practitioners and all professionals and organisations that work with children so that we can together IMAGINE a better world for our children. IMAGINE 2018 brought together people to share ideas and practices that can make this world emotionally safer for our children and youth.  IMAGINE 2019 aims to go one step further and start conversations on social justice and parenting with courage.

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