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Courage to Connect
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If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

What is Imagine

IMAGINE was started by Children First in partnership with Teamwork Arts in 2018; an annual event designed as a confluence to start a movement for our children. To bring together parents, teachers, psychologists, counselors, therapists, medical practitioners and all professionals and organizations that work with children; through interactive sessions, conversations so that we can together IMAGINE a better world for our children.
Each year we aim to pick up a relevant theme related to child and adolescent mental health, education, neurodiversity, disability and look at the best pratices in that area in our country and worldwide but which is relevant to the Indian context.

About Children First

Children First is a child & mental health institute which is doing ground-breaking work in the area of providing clinical services, school mental health programmes and community outreach. We believe that each child has the right to an emotionally safe space i.e. a space which is inclusive, nurturing and fosters growth without discrimination or neglect. Emotionally safe spaces are at the core of children’s holistic development from early years through school and college. Some children are rendered more vulnerable due to disability, learning difficulties, mental health concerns or limited availability of resources. They struggle to access emotionally safe spaces at home, school, college and in the community putting them at risk for lifelong patterns of invisibility, rejection and failure. It is crucial that we come together to share, support and learn from each other to stand up to forces of stigma and shame. Children First
If not now, then when? If not you, then who?
Building Emotionally Safe Spaces for Children & Youth

About Teamwork Arts

Teamnwork Arts is a highly versatile production company with roots in the performing arts and social action which has taken India to the world and brought the world to India, presenting the finest of Indian performers, writers and visual artists in the cultural and art space like ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival. Ishara International Puppet Festival and the annual Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards(META) and Festival
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