I hear a small cry, and I tightly shut my eyes and freeze. If I don’t move or react then maybe the baby won’t wake up. I wait with abated breath… there’s silence. That was a close one, Phew! And just then my dog decides to let out a loud snore. And the baby starts wailing. Damn! So close. I rub my eyes and look at the clock. It’s 3:10, the ‘omen’ hour… Clearly! I stagger out of bed, attend to the baby, feed her, burp her, rock her and put her to sleep. And an hour later am back in bed.

Suddenly the alarm goes off…. it’s 7:00. Really??!! And then the hustle-bustle of the morning begins. The husband is getting ready to go for work, the maid is in, the dog is barking to be taken out, the baby is crying and meals are being prepared. Somehow you survive the whole madness. The husband has walked the dog and left for work, the maid has cleaned the house, breakfast and lunch cooked, baby is playing with the grandmother. Now it’s my time. I quickly finish my cup of coffee and rush to the loo. And just as I am about to release, I hear the doorbell ring, followed by the dog barking and obviously which leads to the baby howling. By the time I finish dealing with all that, I no longer need to go. So I get busy organizing the house, doing the laundry, making sure lunch is ready. And its noon. What??!!

I quickly rush for a shower and get ready for work. Give my exasperated mother a list of repetitive instructions for home, baby and dog. Take the dog out for a quick pee and then literally run out of the house. Now the ride in the metro is definitely my time. So just while I am in between deciding whether I should call a friend and catch up or just listen to music, I realize I need to use the loo. God! Just hold it in… just hold it in.

Somehow I survive and I reach work and now I don’t need to go AGAIN! So I eat my meal in fast forward, get ready for my appointments. I just manage to sit down on my chair when I realize its 5:15, I have finished my ‘work’ for the day. All my work friends are now getting ready, to head out. They just made an impromptu plan to go out for a few drinks. They look at me with apologetic smiles, “Can you join us?’” You guys go ahead and have a good time. Maybe some other time.” They drop me to the metro station and I head home. Too tired to do anything, I just space out in the sea of people in the train.

I am suddenly brought to life by the announcement “the next station is HUDA Metro station. Please mind the gap.” I reach home and greeted at the door by a super relieved grandmother and super excited baby and dog. I spend some time playing with her, catching up on all the family gossip from mom. And the husband walks in. He takes over. And I get the dinner going. By now the baby is super cranky, waling (interpretation – I WANT MY MOMMY). I lock her and myself in the bedroom. And now the battle of the day begins. Baby on one side – I am sleepy, but will fight it, Me on the other side – just go to sleep, QUICK. Finally two hours later, after multiple feeds, rocking, walking, singing and crying; my ‘precious’ has gone to sleep.

The dog has been attended to by the husband, the grandmother has knocked out, and now its husband and wife time. So we spend it eating our dinner like zombies in front of the television. Somehow we wind up for the night and crawl into bed. Check our phones, exchange quick words about the day and snuggle into each other’s arms. And just as I am about to doze off – I get that oh-so-familiar feeling again. I quickly jump out of bed and rush to the toilet.


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