What if kindness became contagious and everyone could realize that we all are truly connected? Each day surrounding ourselves with optimism and images that bring positivity into our lives. Together we can make this happen by starting here!! We truly pay attention to the meaningful quotes and inspirations when we need them the most. They spark hope and reignite faith, but we soon lose the sight of their power. To break this cycle and reconnect daily with the ideas of love, hope, faith, and gratitude we need to participate in daily acts of kindness. Participating in Random acts of kindness and become the change we wish to see in the world. Each of us has the power to create ripples of kindness around us to make a huge difference in our lives, community and world at large.

In light of the upcoming event Imagine on October 26, we at children First are starting a 30-day initiative to come together to spread kindness around us. The Ripples of Kindness Project is our endeavour to touch upon people’s lives by giving, sharing and encouraging people to drop kind messages/inspirations for others in need. Our project draws from two initiatives taken by ordinary people which changed other people’s life story worldwide.

The kindness Rock Project:

I drop kindness pebbles in still water every day, and I watch the effect they have on other people’s lives. My favourite kindness pebbles are compliments. Drop a compliment and watch the ripple effect that it has in your life.”- John A Passaro

The Kindness rock began as a Meghan Murphy’s introspective journey  to find meaning in her own life after the demise of her parents. She would look for rocks for signs from her parents but later turned them into treasures with golden words spreading hope and humanly connections around her. She became hooked on the idea that she could spread happiness through something as simple as a rock with a message on it. “I could be that difference, I could be that piece of seaglass or that heart-shaped rock for other people and maybe it could make them feel good,” she says of her decision to leave more rocks for strangers to find. This tiny initiative in her neighbourhood formed lasting impact and has spread to many, many countries over two years.

The idea is simple yet powerful, spread kindness one rock at a time. Spreading joy by leaving encouraging messages for others to happen upon! Imbibing upon the spirit of Meghan Murphy’s project we too are trying to plant the seeds of doing something nicer for people each day.

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Take what you need, give what you can:

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you”- PRINCESS DIANA

This idea has sailed around in various forms such as gifting practices, donating money or gifting coffee to people to spread the joy of giving. Recently, the idea for caring for people around us was taken to the classrooms in the form of Give and Take bulletin boards. This began as a classroom project to help kids learn about kindness and see the roots of compassion spreading around them. All they needed was post-its to write kind notes for others and bulletin board to pick out kind notes for themselves. Thus, building concepts of Respect, care and Helpfulness into the curriculum of kids. These small Notes Of Kindness may just be as simple as writing “Hi” to a new person to showing gratitude or just helping someone in need. These when incorporated in our own lives look benign, but each day wire our brains to look at optimism and inspire others to do the same.

Likewise taking on the idea of kindness board in classrooms we have our Kindness Tree.

So, what are you going to do?


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