Jagdish Mahapatra


Jagdish Mahapatra

International Expert on Cyber Safety

Jagdish Mahapatra is the Managing Director of CrowdStrike for the Asia region which includes South East Asia, North Asia and India.

He has delivered a TED talk for “TED Talk Nayi Soch” for TED and Star TV on how we can protect our children while they use the net. He has also spoken as a TEDx speaker on cybersecurity and the impact of digital footprints. He is also actively involved in mentoring and supporting startups in the region across different businesses. He is an avid reader of fiction, business and technology books, and loves to blog regularly on a variety of topics. Right now, his passion is to rekindle his music desires by learning to play the piano and drums.

At Imagine 2019, he will be speaking on the topic, ‘How do we keep our children safe in the digital world?’ Dilemmas such as privacy v/s monitoring, when to give them a phone, gaming as an all-pervasive phenomenon will be the central themes of his panel.